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How to Become a Better Lover

Extraído do site  onde obtém receitas para tudo…; claro que a vida não é feita de receitas e viva a diversidade. A propósito está a decorrer o 5.º evento da diversidade na cidade de Aveiro. Observem o programa em:



E vejam se estas instruções concebidas para relacionamentos entre sexos opostos, não são universais 🙂




Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Get on a healthy diet. Drink at least 6 glasses of water per day. A good serving of fruits and vegetables (daily) will help to increase your energy and provide much of the needed antioxidants, which help keep the blood clean and flowing more smoothly. This will help a man maintain an erection longer.



Exercise to build a healthy heart and increase your stamina. The build up to that special moment, then, the 2 minute actual event, can get old very quickly.



Understand that making love is not about you. It is a mutual activity. Your mindset should be about how to please your mate first and then yourself. Lasting for a long time or being the biggest doesn’t make you a great lover.



Keep an open mind. Find out what your partner likes and try to do it. Understand that when you’re in a relationship, people change and evolve. Always inquire about what they may want to do. Try new things (with your partner’s approval).



After the event, don’t ask how it was. Ask what they would want to happen next time, and prepare to deliver on that request.



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